Real Estate photography

If you are selling a home as a real estate agent or home owner, we are more than happy to work with you. We will take whatever time it needs to produce the images for the most impressive images possible.

Method and Technique
We want your home to be shown at it’s pinnacle . We’ll spend time finding the best angles, moving the furniture, and treating the shoot as if it were going to be published in the centre spread of a glossy magazine. Working with lighting and retouching techniques, we will bring your home to life in a way that captures it’s very best.

What to Expect When Photographing a Home for Sale
Because each photo session is customised and unique as your property, work begins in discussion a day or so before you expect  me so that we can build up the shooting schedule. This schedule allows our to plan your day effectively taking into account the changes in the lighting around your home during the day. We will cover all the features of your home. When you think there is a feature in your home that you love absolutely please let me know so that we can devote more attention to it.

For each session, it is good to prepare the house for a stylist who has at his disposal his props or alternatively to use what is already in the house. If you wish to budget for a stylist we will discuss with you the details. We can put you in touch with the right people to professionally stage furnish your home or we can handle the whole project for you. The presence of such a stylist can bring new life to the house which will help us in achieving even better results during a photo shoot.

Amount of Photographs Per Shoot
During the day we are able to create about 25 shots daily, inside or outside and 1 picture at dusk. In the shorter days of the year the number of images may be subject to change depending on the size and location of the home.

Post Production
Images are usually retouched and sent to the server (1-4 days), and then we include a link to download your photos. Large print without a signature and small with our signature to be published on the internet on social networking sites such as facebook. If you would like to have input for any element for photos after my retouch let us know and we’ll adjust to your liking. As a team we have a graphic designer who have a lot of experience in photo retouching. More examples of our photos before and after you can inspect  in a special gallery here on LINK. Or at the top of the menu is the link Before and After. For all our clients we assure the highest quality images and fine-tune every detail of the picture. Once done, you can create a session with our photographs as you want, print, add to the advertising materials  or posting online.

We would like to keep between us the simple and easy principle of co-operation for our mutual benefit. We would like you to know that if you are interested in submitting a photo book with photos of real estate this is not a problem for me. Please let us know before the photo shoot that you would like the book when they become available and we will discuss the details.