More photos from another happy client ;)


Modern house with yellow furniture and extras.
It was a few days ago when I posted a blog my first entry.
 And now look – because  of these photos I have another client, who called  me to ask if I can do some photos of his property because he wants to sell it. Guess how I replied ?;) offcourse Yes. I was so happy when he called  me.

The property is situated in a really nice neighbourhood. Greenery is all around . House is generally not huge, but it is not small either. Above all it is very well designed to make best use of the land whilst being mindful of the sun and access.
Mainly dominated by shades of grey, the splashes of  yellow and orange create  just the right balance. See for yourself in the pictures how it presented.


Real-estate-photography-photo-11   Real-estate-photography-photo-09
Real-estate-photography-photo-06   Real-estate-photography-photo-05
Real-estate-photography-photo-04   Real-estate-photography-photo-01